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Flash Sale! Get the 46” x 46” banner from The Swellers for half price (only $10)! 

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Each one of these shows will be our FINAL show in that city.

Tickets go on sale soon. Special Guests to be announced soon.

Thanks for everything. We love you.

-The Swell Dogs


The Swellers
October 21, 2013
Spiral Scratch Records
Buffalo, NY

Out of sight isn’t out of reach. I use to have your voice, to help me fall asleep.

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The Swellers on Flickr.

An old re-edit, I guess. January 2013ish?

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Track name: Montreal Screwjob

Artist: The Swellers


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hey friends, here are a few swellers demos from circa 08-09: https://archive.org/details/03Demo3 (feet first/fire away/sleeper)

(thanks to RyanFTW on AP - hopefully he’s cool with me posting this)

Some OLD jams!


Thanks for everything you guys. @theswellers @jonodiener @nickdiener #RIPTheSwellers #NoSleepRecords

How about you post your collection / Swellers merch / stuffffff and we reblog it?

Just tag it with “the swellers” and we will find it!! :D

\ Kyle