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Brooklyn Vegan posted our cover of one of our favorite songs by Floor.

Check it out for all of your sludge pop needs!

Sidenote: When Nick and I had our sideproject called High/Low we recorded the music to this cover. The original songs ended up on our full length, The Light Under Closed Doors and now you get to hear the cover!

Some fun facts for ya!

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The Swellers Release “Tales Of Lolita (Floor Cover)”



The Swellers, Hung Up, Lobby Boxer, and 1876 will be releasing a four way split via Save Your Generation Records on May 20th. Stream The Swellers’ cover of “Tales Of Lolita” by Floor here via Brooklyn Vegan or below after the jump.

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CHECK it!!!!

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Everyone go buy Kerrang! this week - if only for this picture. But it’s a good article about the best band so go do it. #theswellers #kerrang #jamesmcmahon

B-sides and Rarities

Track name: Break (unreleased)

Artist: The Swellers

Album: B-sides and Rarities

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The Swellers - Break (Unreleased)

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B-Sides and Rarities tracklisting:

1. Break (unreleased) 
2. Possibilities (unreleased) 
3. Never Greener (UK B-side) 
4. Vehicle City Blues (Demo) 
5. The Best I Ever Had (Demo) 
6. Better Things (Demo) 
7. Parkview (Jono’s Bedroom Demo) 
8. Do You Feel Better Yet? (Instrumental Demo)
9. Montreal Screwjob (Instrumental Demo) 
10. Bottles (Instrumental Demo)
11. The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic) 
12. Inside My Head (Acoustic)
13. Ups and Downsizing (Acoustic) 
14. This Is My Everest (Acoustic)
15. By A Thread (Acoustic Japanese B-side)
16. The Inside (Demo)
17. Run (Demo)

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To us, these tracks are priceless. Some of them show our earliest efforts in songwriting while others show the process it took to make our records what they are today. We never thought some of these strange demos would ever see the light of day, but we had so much fun opening up the vault and seeing what was in there. We included some never-before-heard unreleased songs, acoustic jams, and basement-style early versions of some of our favorite tunes.

To us, they’re priceless, but we wanted you to have them. 5 bucks gets you 17 tracks, but you have the option to pay more if you want to really help the Swell Dogs out. If you got tax money back, this is a great place to spend it, because as a band, we just PAY a buttload of taxes at the end of the year instead of getting anything back. Plane tickets to the UK, paying back our awesome label No Sleep records, compensating for a Brazilian promoter NOT paying us.. lots of setbacks. We are currently self-managed, and trying hard to make sure we can keep touring and having fun.

Hope you enjoy this weirdness. RIP Ultimate Warrior.

-The Swellers

The Swellers - B-sides and Rarities

Demos and unreleased songs from 2003-2013

Please help us out with a minimum $5 donation! Spread the word!


POZ Gallery: Wolverines Tour
Features: I Am The Avalanche, The Swellers, Ghost House, Franchise
Location: Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ
Photos By: Dan Bassini

Some more Sweller photos from the Asbury Park show a little bit ago!