Okay, so for part two of our 1,000th post/6 month anniversary celebration, I’m announcing a little contest. At the Michigan date, the guys were kind enough to sign two of these so we could give one away. 

For this contest, I want you guys to use your imaginations. Create a piece of art, and tell us how it relates to your favorite Swellers song. It could be lyric art, like Kyle does, or photography, or photoshop, a painting, whatever! 

The winner will receive this signed poster and the spiffy download card for “Good For Me” that came with the vinyl. I obviously don’t need it, since I had the CD way before I had the vinyl.


1) You must be following the blog to win.

2) If you edit a photograph or use a picture that’s not yours, it MUST be credited (not necessarily ON the picture, just put it as the submission caption along with the description of how it relates to your favorite song.)

3) All entries will be published unless, for some reason, you don’t want yours to be. It’s your responsibility to message me, Kyle, or Marlou before the end of the contest to tell us if  you don’t want it published. We’re not mind readers.

4) The contest is open worldwide.

5) Art must be submitted no later than November 5th

6) Your ask box MUST BE OPEN so that we can get your shipping details.

7) FYTS staff may not enter the contest. Sorry guys!

If there are any further questions, you can ask them here, or over on my personal blog.