Awesome night! Montreal screwjob was unreal! :)

Ok…so tonight…was the most amazing Sweller show ever!

The Swellers surprise for our blog/Swellers family was a setlist for the ages!!! Two days ago they learned Montreal Screwjob and played it live tonight for the FIRST TIME EVER. Also they didn’t play ‘Feet First’ all tour, but they did tonight!

They didn’t open with the 28 days later intro, instead, with ‘Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now’ and then followed right into ‘Skoots’!! It was just like it is on ‘My Everest’. Such a surprise and seriously it gave me chills.

Now for the crowd…they were fucking amazing!!! Soooooo many moshers and the whole entire venue sang along! Without a doubt, the best crowd at a Sweller show I’ve been to (this was my 9th).

Also, the openers, Which Finger, Home Team, and Bike Tuff were all awesome awesome bands. They were really passionate about their local scene. Add on the fact I talked to like 5 band members from all of them and they all moshed and sang EVERY WORD of The Swellers set!

Add on the fact that our crew was 12 people who all knew each other and we all rocked out beyond our limits. I threw phil into the crowd during ‘Fire Away’ and he did like two flips into the crowd. I swear I hope someone taped this show! Jono handed out drumsticks to like 5 people, Anto gave Evelina the set list, the guys signed so many things! They hung out and talked to everyone in the freaking venue.

Keep an eye out for photos from leah and evelina! If you EVER get a chance to see the Swellers in person. DO IT. They are the best dudes and they put on a punk rock show for the ages. Support good music, support local music, support what you love.

\ Kyle - Kayla- Sara (we wish you were there Marlou!)

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot! After the last song, Nick tried to get off the stage and realized no one was moving, so the crowd started chanting “The Swellers!” and Nick put his guitar back on and said “well…guess we’re stuck!”. So then they played ‘Bottles’ and closed with ‘Do You Feel Better Yet’. Perfect…night.