Alternative Press has named our new album, Good For Me, one of their favorite albums from the first half of 2011!!

Bill Stevenson produced the Swellers’ second FBR album, Good For Me. To say that vocalist/guitarist Nick Diener was thrilled about this arrangement would be a vast understatement—after all, he and his bandmates are huge fans of Stevenson’s influential pop-punk band, the Descendents. Good For Me naturally has plenty of infectious pop-punk signifiers: breakneck drumming, pristine harmonies and hooks to spare. But the Swellers aren’t trying to emulate their heroes as much as they’re striving to perfect their own sound; in fact, Good For Me displays rather-impressive songwriting progressions. “Parkview” is the best tune Alkaline Trio didn’t write, while the nostalgic-but-optimistic “The Best I Ever Had” is a bona-fide summer anthem.

well deserved, guys! this is awesome.

/ Marlou

(Source: theswellers)