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Anto, of the Swellers doing some “stand up comedy” before the Four Year Strong set in Cleveland on the last date of the AP Tour at the House of Blues.
well.. he got the Standing Up part down… 
one dude actually yells “Spit it out already!”  Others yell “Shut up”
I guess the audience was the mark for this Tour prank 

Everyone’s life needs more Anto/Swellers in it! 

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Tonight I went to the last stop of the AP Tour in Cleveland, and well…this happened…

submission from campomark

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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : The Swellers (Update II)



From Jono Diener:

Welcome to the second installment of The AP Tour Road Blog Presented By PropertyOfZack Hosted By Jonathan Diener of The Swellers. I’m working on revising the name, but I think that has a good ring to it and would sound great if chanted in arenas from thousands of adoring fans. The good news is that if you read the previous installment of The AP Tour Road Blog Presented By PropertyOfZack Hosted By Jonathan Diener of The Swellers you would already know the bands playing the tour, the people we brought on our crew and how much fun we’re already having. If you DIDN’T read the previous installent of.. just kidding. I saved you.

One thing all bands from the states dread is having to deal with the Canadian Border. The shows are always fun and a blast, but when crossing back into the states you’ll be lucky if you aren’t stuck in a brick room with no windows for 5 hours until they finally let you off with a “warning”. This has happened to us many times, and yet we keep doing what we do and never actually get in trouble for it. Now you may ask yourself, WHAT would get such a wholesome band in trouble? Are you guys druggies? Did you smuggle (according to the signs at the border crossing) things like fruit, meat and parrots in your trailer? No. We did something MUCH worse… WE BROUGHT T-SHIRTS TO SELL. WHhhoooooOOOooAAAAAaa!!! Yeah, I’m really sorry if that ruined your perception of us, but for some reason we try to bring merch from the states into Canada to continue making our living. The countries consider that stealing money from them and want to tax you on it, but that’s bogus. I could just give them fifty bucks if they really cared that much. When crossing INTO the Canadian border they’re incredibly nice, barely ask questions and let you go through. On the way back in the states it’s like watching the 90s show Lieutenant Dad… but he’s no longer your Dad, he’s just a mean fella to you. We were clenching our passports as we pulled up, some of us sweating, some of us probably having to poop. We roll the window down, start talking to the border guy.. and within 2 minutes we’re off headed to Ohio. So.. I guess that worked out! You’re glad you read that paragraph, aren’t you? 

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Read Jono’s second tour blog by clicking ‘Read More’!

Wrong blog. You should still read the blog though, it’s a good one.

// Marlou

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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : The Swellers (Update I)


The Swellers are currently out on the AP Fall Tour with Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, and Sharks. Jono Diener from the band has been kind enough to sign on for another PropertyOfZack Road Blog to keep fans updated on the tour. Read up and check back for more!

From Jono Diener:

For the first time in a while i’m writing an actual road blog and not some weird bummed out contributor blog whining about pricing in the music industry or how I want to riot against the government. OK, maybe the last part isn’t true but my punk blood boils when I hear the word “cops” or “governments”. It’s a hard living the life of an anarcho psycho rocker. The reason I’m really here is to tell you about our travels on the 6-week juggernaut THE AP TOUR!

This is a very special year for the AP TOUR as all of the bands are very, very awesome. We have the bright-eyed Clash rockers from the UK known as SHARKS, the hunky Swellers boys, the underground hardcore boy vinyl selling mosh masters Title Fight, another UK veteran band full of pissed off cool guys rounded out by their new Canadian vocalist known as GALLOWS, and… Four Year Strong. We’re going into the tour already knowing Title Fight and Four Year but we were really excited to meet the other UK guys. We’re also helping each other out and making the show run very easily for everyone. I’m sharing my SJC kit (had to awkwardly mention the brand because I’ll get like $5 if I say it on a blog) with Sam, the drummer of Sharks. The guys from Title Fight are letting the first 4 bands use their guitar cabs which is VERY generous. And Four Year Strong is letting us use their beards. We load in, play, load out and things run very smoothly. 

Our crew on this tour is also exceptional. We brought our dear friend, and previous Swellers merchant: Chris Speer. He loves Jwoww’s boobs and pizza. The new addition to our van for this tour is our Tour Manager, Robert Cheeseman. We met him while touring with Daytrader this summer and not only did he somehow get them all free Chipotle on an almost daily basis, but he got all of us free movie tickets one night. Is he a nice guy and a good dude? I dunno. What we DO know is that free stuff rules and we brought him along to help us with that aspect. 

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To any Michigan fans,

as you all know, the AP Tour will be here NEXT SUNDAY. Sara and I will be there, along with a whole group of awesome people from Tumblr/real life. So if you want to hang out in line/at the show, just come say hey. We’d love to have you.

Also, if you are desperately trying to find a ride, and live somewhere between Saginaw and Pontiac, or not too far out of the way, I do have an open seat in my car. All I ask is $10 or $15 for gas. So if you’re in dire straights, send me a message on my personal blog.

As for the rest of you, if you’re still on the fence about going to ANY of the dates to see the Swellers, I suggest you go talk to Kyle about the night he had.


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Check out this tour trailer to get a little taste of what you will see at this Fall’s AP Tour!  Don’t forget to get your tickets before they are gone!

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Nick is being featured on Alternative Press’ next cover!

As you guys know, the Swellers are a part of the Alternative Press fall tour this year. Well, it looks like they’re getting a piece of the cover story in next month’s alternative press. (It would figure of course that this is the issue after I let my subscription expire. Oh well. I’ll pick it up at Barnes and Noble.) You can check it out here.


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The Swellers to play the Alternative Press Tour.

Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers, and Sharks.

10-13 Allentown, PA (Crocodile Rock Café)
10-14 Baltimore, MD (Rams Head Live)
10-15 Philadelphia, PA (The Trocadero)
10-16 Boston, MA (House Of Blues)
10-18 Clifton Park, NY (Northern Lights)
10-19 New Haven, CT (Toad’s Place)
10-20 Montreal, QC (La Tulipe)
10-21 Toronto, ON (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
10-22 Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
10-23 Pontiac, MI (The Crofoot)
10-25 Milwaukee, WI (Eagles Ballroom)
10-26 Chicago, IL (Metro)
10-27 St. Paul, MN (Station 4)
10-28 Kansas City, MO (The Beaumont Club)
10-29 Denver, CO (The Summit Music Hall)
10-31 Boise, ID (Knitting Factory)
11-01 Seattle, WA (El Corazon)
11-02 Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theater)
11-04 San Francisco, CA (The Regency Ballroom)
11-05 West Hollywood, CA (House Of Blues)
11-06 San Diego, CA (Soma)
11-08 Pomona, CA (The Glass House)
11-09 Mesa, AZ (The Nile Theater)
11-11 San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)
11-12 Dallas, TX (House Of Blues)
11-13 Houston, TX (Warehouse Live)
11-15 Orlando, FL (Beacham Theater)
11-16 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Culture Room)
11-17 St. Petersburg, FL (State Theater)
11-18 Atlanta, GA (The Masquerade)
11-19 Charlotte, NC (Amos’ Southend Music Hall)
11-20 Norfolk, VA (The NorVa)
11-22 New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
11-23 Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom)
11-25 Pittsburgh, PA (Altar Bar)
11-26 Cleveland, OH (House Of Blues)

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