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ABSOLUTExclusive: “What happens when a bunch of Michigan punk rockers stay the night in a spooky house while on tour? That’s the question Anto Boros (part-time documentarian/full-time bassist forThe Swellers) asks when his band and friends spend a night in an unknown place. “Pretty Normal Activity” is a film that will have you sleeping with two blankets and wanting to buy the band’s latest EP Running Out Of Places To Go (do that here). You can watch the movie in the replies, but - beware! - it’ll shake you to your very core!”

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"The Early November recently took off on a new tour with The Wonder Years, The Swellers and Young Statues. A couple days ago, the vocalists of each of these groups - Ace Enders from TEN, Dan Campbell from TWY, Nick Diener from The Swellers, and Carmen Cirignano from Young Statues - took the time to record an acoustic cover of Semisonic's “Closing Time,” which you can now watch in the replies. It's a fun cover, with all four vocalists singing to round out the song. A regular barbershop quartet, these guys.”


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"Inside My Head" video premiere!

Hey guys! don’t forget, the music video for “Inside My Head” is set to premiere on AbsolutePunk.net in about fifteen minutes! Everyone here is super excited to see it, and I’m sure you guys are too! 


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The Swellers - Do You Feel Better Yet? (Acoustic // Absolutepunk Backstage Sessions)

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The Swellers - Ups & Downsizing (Acoustic // AbsolutePunk Backstage Sessions)

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This just in: people like us.

Thank you all very much for the support. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s humbling,  really. Please continue to support real, good music. Not just the Swellers…but especially the Swellers. xD 


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Personalized Songs 2008

Track name: Be An Absolute Punk With Me

Artist: The Swellers

Album: Personalized Songs 2008

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I think my favorite experience with this song was explaining to Marlou that it’s about a website. xD 

I’m not sure if they were meaning to make fun of AP.net here, but I think this song is hilarious.


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Since “Good For Me” came out, a lot of comments have been thrown around. A lot of good. Some bad. One of the things I saw, particularly from the fickle kids over at AbsolutePunk, is that there wasn’t as much passion on “Good For Me.” That Nick doesn’t “sing his heart out” the way he did on previous records.

I invite those people to watch this video, and try to tell me there’s no passion, and  that he’s not singing his heart out. And it’s not just Nick— all of them are passionate about this song, this record. Anto told us this is his favorite song. I guess the point is, it’s not about being super punk, or playing as fast as humanly possible. It’s about how the song makes you feel, and I can tell you right now, in that room, everyone felt the magic in this song. 


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Uh, jk, this was actually my favorite post, where Jono very clearly says to follow our blog. xD I seriously flailed a little, reading that. I know you’re on tumblr somewhere, Jono, so I’d just like to say thanks, from everyone here. It means a lot to us.