Look what made it into AltPress’ essential spring songs! Can’t say that I disagree.

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Check it out! Jono was featured in this month’s Alternative Press.

AP Music Awards 2014 - Nick Diener pictured.

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Maybe The Swellers will get some well deserved credit at these awards? :)

The Swellers actually have a full page about their new record in the new AP magazine issue! Some serious stuff is talked about in this short page, but also very cool stuff.

AP points out to download “Great Lake States” (when available) and asks Nick Diener about the song in the interview section. AP also mentions there is a “potential hit” with the track “Big Hearts”. My mouth is watering at this point!

Taking a look over the page you’ll see AP is pretty fond of The Swellers. They rate ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ a 4/5 stars, ‘Good For Me’ 4/5, and ‘Ups and Downsizing’ comes in at 4.5/5 stars to get the top spot of the three most recent full lengths.

One other thing, there is as ad in zine about the AP music awards coming in 2014 #APMAS, and Nick is the lone warrior in the photo used. I’ll post a pic of that after this.

Go pick up Alternative Press Magazine and check all this put yourself! The Light Under Closed Doors comes out 10/29, just in case you haven’t gotten that by now. ;)

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6 Tips for Show Etiquette, by Nick Diener of the Swellers

Check out the entry Nick wrote for Alternative Press! It’s a fun read about some ‘concert do’s and don’ts’.

Check it out HERE

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AP Acoustic Session


Just got back from the acoustic session with The Swellers.  Here’s the setlist if anyone’s interested in what they played.

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Alternative Press is giving away a pair of tickets to every stop of the co-headline with You Me At Six!

Not to mention a HUGE prize pack full of merch and CDs from every band on the tour. Enter HERE.


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Cleveland fans, check this out! I’m not exactly sure what this is about but I have a hunch it’s going to be something very cool. 

And as for us fans who don’t live around Cleveland, this means we can still watch the livestream event. Exciting!

- Marlou

Forever posting to the wrong blog. Anyway, check it out!

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A Day With The Swellers

Remember the contest Glamourkills did where two fans could win a prize which entitled them to spend a day w/ the band + go to their show that same night? Well, here’s the video the guys took during that day. It’s hilarious, as always.

// Marlou

Oh how I wish I could reblog things to the right blog. Anyway, watch this video. It’s funny.

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