We did a contest with @bornandbredny on @absolutepunk! Win our EP Running Out Of Places To Go, handwritten lyrics to “Making Waves”, and some Born And Bred gear!

Check this out!  Want to win this?

\ Kyle

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In the future, would you guys like to see more trivia style contests, or should we continue with the submission based contests we’ve had in the past?

Unless otherwise specified (like today), a trivia competition would be posted at a certain time, and everyone would have 24 hours to answer. Then, we would draw a random winner from the pool of people with correct answers. Submission style contests would be like our “tell us your best live experience” or “what is good for you” contests. 

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciate. We LOVE doing contests, and we’d love to continue them in the way that makes our followers most happy.


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Screen shot 1 is Bottles. Screen shot 2 is Fire Away.

Asked by flinttongue


Looks like you are our winner!  nicely done!  send your mailing information to this blog in an ask!  

\ Kyle


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As you might have read in our earlier post (link), we wanted to thank you for supporting the band and this blog by doing a contest! Here’s the question:

What Swellers music video(s) is/are these screenshots from? (meaning their official music video’s)

(click to make sceenshots bigger)

Send your answers in our ASK box!  Use this format: 

Screenshot 1 is __________

Screenshot 2 is __________

First person to answer with both correct answers wins the Vehicle City Blues (Red) 7”!! This red pressing is sold out and out of press!

Read the rules for participating HERE.

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Thank you all so much for following us as we bring everything Swellers related to your tumblr lives! You have shown us support, which shows the band support, which shows the punk rock scene support. So! with that said, we have a little contest/give away to thank you!

I have an extra “Vehicle City Blues” 7” in the RED color.  You might want to know this is a SOLD OUT color, so besides this chance right here, ebay might be your only shot at snagging this release. Note: There is a download code for both songs within the package. :)

We will be posting a Swellers trivia question at 5pm EST (GMT -5) today! 


Rules/How to win:

  • Be the first person to send us an ASK with the correct answer and you win!
  • You have to be a follower of
  • You have to be one of the 500 followers (so 500, 499. 498, ect…)
  • Likes/reblogs are appreciated! but not a requirement
  • You have to have ask or submit enabled on your blog (for mailing purposes)
  • If we can’t contact the winner, we will contact the runner up, and so on.
  • We will ship worldwide :)
Good luck!  If we get a good response from this we will do more of this as we do have some extra stuff.  :)
We will announce a winner shortly after 5pm :)
- Kyle and the rest of the FYTS crew

(It is an unopened and new 7”, not the one pictured above)

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We will be doing a Swellers Trivia Question Contest (with prize!) when we hit 500 followers!

You will have to be one of our first 500 followers to be eligible for the prize!  More details will be in the contest post when we hit 500!  Have a Swell Wednesday!

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3/28/2012 (10:49pm)

Just wanted to let you guys know…

Until further notice, the deadline of the contest is gone. I haven’t heard back from Paper + Plastick about getting the correct 7”, so there’s not point in changing the deadline every week. I’ll let you know when I hear from them.

On the bright side, this means that there’s TONS OF TIME for more people to submit videos! Yayyyy! GET ON IT.


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Hey guys!

We just hit 400 followers! Which, if you’ve kept track of our blog over the past few weeks, means we’re gonna do the contest we’d promised to do!

We’ve got a lot of cool prizes to give out:

One extremely lucky grand prize winner will receive a copy of Ups and Downsizing on vinyl (green), a signed copy of Good For Me (which includes the UK bonus track “Never Greener”), and a t-shirt selected from the new merch on this last tour.

The second place winner will receive a copy of the limited edition Welcome Back Riders 7” (red/blue splatter) and the red wave t-shirt.

The third place winner will receive the Welcome Back Riders 7”.

The rules are simple.

Make a video of anything Swellers related. Play a cover, make a video of you lip-syncing to one of their songs, make a lyric video, or even make a stop-motion video like the one Kyle was already featured in yesterday! Be creative, and you might be the winner of one of the prizes!


- The video needs to be at least 45 seconds long, but it can’t be longer that 5.30 minutes.
- The video really needs to be Swellers- related. (So don’t just send in a video of you wearing a swellers shirt and doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Although that’d probably be fun to watch, that’s not what this contest is about) 
- You have to be following this blog (we will check!)

Good luck, and be creative! The contest will end on March 10th! Submit away.

-The FYTS crew

Okay! So! As you guys know, Paper + Plastick sent the wrong 7” when I ordered the prizes for this contest. I still haven’t gotten the replacement, so we’re extending the deadline again, because we can’t really end the contest when we don’t have all the prizes.

However, we also don’t have that many submissions! Guys, it’s not as hard as  you think. You can literally submit a video of yourself talking about why you like the Swellers, or a story about them, or anything. It doesn’t have to be you singing or doing backflips or something.

So our new deadline is going to be April 1st. I expect to see some more awesome submissions. You guys have never failed us in the past, so don’t start now! I’ll keep everyone updated on the situation with P+P.


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Want to win some sweet records?

Of course you do!

All you have to do is send in an entry to our contest!

Deadline’s March 20, so you’ve got plenty of time to still figure out what to send in.

Rules can be found here, and you can submit your contest entry at this link.

(If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!)

- Marlou

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Hey guys!

Have you thought of submitting a video to our current contest yet? If not, get on that! You might win some pretty sweet prizes (as pictured above).

Contest rules and regulations can be found HERE.

Deadline is on March 10, which is only a few weeks from now!

- Marlou