Stream the Debut EP from braidedveins (Members of The Swellers) | NOISEY →

Noisey is streaming Future/Forever, the new EP from BraidedVeins (the other band Jono drums in). It’s fantastic! Check it out (it’s 15 minutes long so I’ll accept no excuses for not listening), then pre-order it through Save Your Generation Records

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Documentary 432: Changing Flint One Band at a Time →


Our good friend and volunteer, Nicholas Kowalewski just filmed and edited this short documentary about the Local, our history, mission, and why we do what we do. It features interviews from local bands, promoters, and people of interest. Features: The Swellers, Empty Orchestra, Bars of Gold, Making Friends, Astpai, Steamroller, Sadie Lee, As a Lark, One Win Choice, etc.

Nicholas worked several months on this project and managed to document the construction process it took for us to get the doors open again. It’s the best collection of information documenting that process to date. 

To me, it shows why we really do what we do. Our community in Flint is one of a kind and it’s great to share that with people.

Click the above link or go to to view it. 


Check out this really cool (short) documentary about the Flint Local 432. Jono was interviewed and appears in the documentary a couple of times, aswell as some other bands and people involved. You can also watch a short segment of the Swellers playing their free show of about a month ago at the very end of the video. You can even see some of my fellow staff members of this blog (Kayla and Sara) in the crowd. Very cool stuff.

- Marlou

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So stoked Nick and I were asked to be a part of this. We’ll be alongside Brad from Chiodos and John Duffy from Empty Orchestra (some Flint music scene veterans) giving you some insight on starting a band, finding members and writing music. 

The workshop is FREE and open to everyone. With the eventual re-opening of The Flint Local 432 (where The Swellers played our first show almost TEN YEARS AGO) we want to start building some buzz to promote kids starting bands again and bringing our music scene back to where it was years ago! 

The second it’s open I’ll be doing a TON of work for them, on top of literally working at the venue. I’ve always wanted to give back and I think the place that helped shape who I am today would be a good start.

If you’re an aspiring musician, or you just want to come hang, this will be a blast. See you there!


… I want to go to this so bad.

I know most of you aren’t from Michigan, but this is still insanely cool. I’m going into the business aspect of music, but I still might go. It’d be a fun event and the 432 deserves to have all the support it can get. If you’re even remotely in the area, I suggest going.


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