Vice magazine music writer, drummer of The Swellers, turns his sights on Flint

The Flint Journal / did a story on me writing for Noisey, touring with The Swellers and working at Guitar Center. 

Click the picture to watch an awkward drumming video, see some epic pictures and get a little insight on the man, the myth, the legend: ME.

This is an awesome article. Check it out!

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Today, the Swellers are kicking off their insanely long house show/small club tour. If you’ve been under a rock for the past month are so, here’s a reminder of the dates:

Oct 18 - Chicago, IL - The Beat Kitchen (w/ On My Honor)

Oct 19 - Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room

Oct 20 - Kent, OH - Euro Gyro (Early Show)

Oct 20 - Cleveland, OH - Locker Room @ Mahall’s (Late Show)

Oct 21 - Buffalo, NY - Flower House

Oct 22 - New Brunswick, NJ - Court Tavern

Oct 23 - Philadelphia, PA - Mt. Thrashmore

Oct 24 - Guilford, CT - Mike’s House

Oct 25 - New York, NY - Webster Hall Studio (w/ On My Honor)

Oct 26 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall (w/ Big D and the Kids Table)

Oct 27 - Richmond, VA - House Address

Oct 28 - Greensboro, NC - New York Pizza (w/ On My Honor)

Oct 29 - Ybor City, FL - The Ritz (Pre-Fest)

Oct 30 - Pembroke Pines, FL - Talent Farm

Nov 1 - Gainesville, FL - 8 Seconds (The Fest)

Nov 2 - Orlando, FL - Capstan House

Nov 3 - Buford, GA - BlastHouse (w/ On My Honor)

Nov 4 - Arab, AL - Roller Knights (w/ On My Honor)

Nov 5 - Knoxville, TN - Longbranch Saloon (w/ On My Honor)

Nov 6 - St. Louis, MO - The Demo

Nov 7 - Oklahoma City, OK - TBA

Nov 8 - Dallas, TX - TBA

Nov 9 - Austin, TX - Infest

Nov 10 - San Antonio - House

Nov 11 - Midland, TX - Pine Box

Nov 12 - Albuquerque, NM - Cat House

Nov 13 - Tempe, AZ - The Spot

Nov 14 - Henderson, NV - Eagle Aerie Hall

Nov 15 - Encinitas, CA - House

Nov 16 - Canoga Park, CA - Cobalt Cafe

Nov 17 - Pomona, CA - Montano’s House

Nov 21 - Oakland, CA - 1234 Go! Records (w/ Heartsounds)

Nov 22 - Salt Lake City, UT - TBA

Nov 23 - Cheyenne, WY - Lions Park Old Community House (Early Show)

Nov 23 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater (Late Show)

Nov 24 - Omaha, NE - The Hideout

Nov 25 - Mankato, MN - The Cherry Pit

Nov 26 - Minneapolis, MN - Charlie Siren House

Nov 29 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Bunker (Cvlt Pizza)

You may note that they’re playing more than once some days, and there may be more than a few dates around you to attend. Extra dates are still being announced, so be sure to follow the guys on twitter for any you may have missed. Please go out and support them! This is seriously the coolest tour ever. 

The Light Under Closed Doors will be released October 29th via No Sleep Records, but will be available STARTING TONIGHT ON TOUR, a whole 11 days early!!! You can also preorder it HERE and check out some new merch HERE

Listen to some new songs here:


Becoming Self-Aware


Big Hearts

Sara and I will be at all of the Michigan dates of the tour, and I’m sure Kyle will be at more than a few on the East Coast. I’ll also be at Fest working for Count Your Lucky Stars Records, so if anyone sees us at any date, please don’t be afraid to say hi! See you soon!


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The Swellers actually have a full page about their new record in the new AP magazine issue! Some serious stuff is talked about in this short page, but also very cool stuff.

AP points out to download “Great Lake States” (when available) and asks Nick Diener about the song in the interview section. AP also mentions there is a “potential hit” with the track “Big Hearts”. My mouth is watering at this point!

Taking a look over the page you’ll see AP is pretty fond of The Swellers. They rate ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ a 4/5 stars, ‘Good For Me’ 4/5, and ‘Ups and Downsizing’ comes in at 4.5/5 stars to get the top spot of the three most recent full lengths.

One other thing, there is as ad in zine about the AP music awards coming in 2014 #APMAS, and Nick is the lone warrior in the photo used. I’ll post a pic of that after this.

Go pick up Alternative Press Magazine and check all this put yourself! The Light Under Closed Doors comes out 10/29, just in case you haven’t gotten that by now. ;)

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Do you want to win some exclusive stuff from special Michigan Swellers shows?! Well, today is your lucky day. We’re celebrating our two year anniversary as a blog, and we just happen to have these two posters laying around to give out! The first is from the Detroit date of the Pentimento and Diamond Youth tour. The second is (obviously) from the amazing tenth anniversary show last August. 

We will ALSO be giving away an exclusive hand-written lyric sheet for “Montreal Screwjob” (thanks Nick!), because it’s always been a favorite of ours, and the guys once learned how to play it just for us and our friends last year 

What do you have to do to win?! All you have to do is be a follower of the blog and send us a story about your favorite Swellers-related moment from the past two years. It could be a live show, something funny/stupid the guys did, something you did with your friends, ANYTHING. Just your favorite memory that involves the band from the past two years. All we ask is that submissions be at least one decent sized paragraph. We will select a winner on MAY 11th, when Kyle is here in Michigan with me (Kayla).

We’re so happy to have been around for this long and for all the experiences we’ve been able to have because of the blog. We hope you guys feel the same way. We seriously can’t wait to start digging through all the submissions.

—The FYTS Crew


Preorder “Not My Governor” shirts for Michigan now at

Preorders are up for some new Swellers shirts! 

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Unpacking old CDs and found this. Whoa, it came out 9 years ago! @theswellers @jonodiener @nickdiener #TheSwellers

Take a look, because you probably won’t ever own one. :(

The Swellers first CD release.  ’End of Discussion’

\ Kyle

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The Swellers get interviewed at the Detroit show of their recent tour.

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The Swellers are playing their first ever headline show in Detroit tonight. If you’re in Michigan, I definitely expect to see you there! It’s going to be wild and awesome. Don’t forget, they’re playing most of My Everest tonight, and a bunch of other jams. See you soon!


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The Swellers are on!! →

This is what we like to call “a very big deal.” Congrats guys, this is great!


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Don’t forget to pre-order “Running Out Of Places To Go”!!!

The EP comes out in less than two weeks! The guys are doing this one on their own record label, and 100% of the profit goes to them for the first time ever. The minimum purchase price for a digital EP is $4, and the minimum for the vinyl 10” is $8. They also have shirt bundles for a minimum of $16. You can’t beat those prices!

EP options:

New merch:


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