Everyone go favorite/retweet Nick’s tweet RIGHT NOW!!

Would this not be rad as hell?!

Everyone go favorite/retweet Nick’s tweet RIGHT NOW!!

Would this not be rad as hell?!

Nick Diener - Lead Vocals -  Guitar

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The Swellers at the Talent Farm. Worth today’s exhaustion.

Nice photo!

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Nick talks about Warped Tour, Battle of the Bands, and guitars in this video from Ernie Ball. Check it out!

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AP Music Awards 2014 - Nick Diener pictured.

Photo credit: Ali Carcache

Maybe The Swellers will get some well deserved credit at these awards? :)

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No Sleep Records To Release Warehouse Sessions Vinyl


 No Sleep Records will be releasing a limited edition vinyl LP of their Warehouse Sessions. Volume 1 will be released on November 19th and limited to 250 copies. 200 will be available on Coke Bottle color through the label’s 2013 Vinyl Subscription and the remaining 50 will be available on Coke Bottle w/Coca Cola Splater through the bands featured on the record. Check out the track listing and artwork below. 

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Check it out! If you remember the live acoustic session Nick did at No Sleep’s warehouse while in pajamas, then you remember how awesome the session was.

You have to be a vinyl subscriber to No Sleep Records to get this exclusive release, which is an awesome thing they do in itself.

Check it out!

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Hey guys, a good friend of ours named Randi Newport, just opened up her very own print shop!  Randi is a photographer for Property of Zack and she is an avid Swellers fan too.

Above is one of her prints that you can get for very cheap! ($5.00) of Anto and Nick from non other than The Swellers.  These photos were taken by Randi during Warped Tour, not sure which date, and if you like what you see please check out her photo print store for more bands that she has photographed.  (the amity affliction, tssf, let live., ect).  You can message her about other bands that aren’t in the store that she might have photographed as well.

Swellers Warped Tour Print

Randi Newport Photography Printshop


Randi’s tumblr 


Nick Diener preforming a few acoustic songs at warped!! (June 30th 2013)