flyer for our Nov. 21st show with theswellers counterpunchrok and lost-years-band! artwork by the amazing Miguel Echemendia.

This is so RAD! that looks a lot like Nick and Anto’s instruments!

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Rad!!! Thanks for submitting this. Love your other covers of The Swellers you’ve done!

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Keep Doing What You’re Not Doing



June 24, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

There are benefits to being a member of a tight-knit music community. As a fan, you’re able to truly experience the exhilarating highs of a raucous live show, the deafening lows of a disappointing album and everything in between.

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This article was released before but the writer added on to his work after hearing the recent news of the guys calling it a night.

Take a look at the above link to see the nicely written piece.

\ Kyle

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The Swellers Acoustic Special for Kerrang Magazine - 5/16/2014

Description via Kerrang

Last week, three-quarters of The Swellers came into the Kerrang! office and performed an acoustic set to our lucky staff. Check out the three songs they played, taken from their latest album The Light Under Closed Doors, in our exclusive video!”

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Stage invasion during Running Out Of Places To Go.

I like that, “STAGE INVASION” :) I know the band could say this, but we’ll say it too, thanks for everyone who saw them on this tour overseas. They love touring over there because the passion you guys have for live music. You all rule!

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The Swellers - Running Out of Places to Go 10”

First Pressing | Coke Bottle/200 (No Sleep Records 2013 Subscription)

Ah! I think we all want that limited color from No Sleep’s Vinyl subscription.


The Swellers // Friends Again (We Can’t Be)

This is sick!

Everyone go favorite/retweet Nick’s tweet RIGHT NOW!!

Would this not be rad as hell?!