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B-Sides and Rarities tracklisting:

1. Break (unreleased) 
2. Possibilities (unreleased) 
3. Never Greener (UK B-side) 
4. Vehicle City Blues (Demo) 
5. The Best I Ever Had (Demo) 
6. Better Things (Demo) 
7. Parkview (Jono’s Bedroom Demo) 
8. Do You Feel Better Yet? (Instrumental Demo)
9. Montreal Screwjob (Instrumental Demo) 
10. Bottles (Instrumental Demo)
11. The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic) 
12. Inside My Head (Acoustic)
13. Ups and Downsizing (Acoustic) 
14. This Is My Everest (Acoustic)
15. By A Thread (Acoustic Japanese B-side)
16. The Inside (Demo)
17. Run (Demo)

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The Swellers // Friends Again (We Can’t Be)

This is sick!

Everyone go favorite/retweet Nick’s tweet RIGHT NOW!!

Would this not be rad as hell?!

Everyone go favorite/retweet Nick’s tweet RIGHT NOW!!

Would this not be rad as hell?!

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The Swellers Four Way Split With Hung Up, Lobby Boxer, 1876




The Swellers, Hung Up, Lobby Boxer, and 1876 will be releasing a four way split via Save Your Generation Records on May 20th. Check out the track listing below after the jump.

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We covered a song by the band, Floor.

Check out this split with our other Michigan friends on our favorite Michigan label.

Check this out!!

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okay now i’m actually really really bummed that i’m not there tomorrow (not that i wasn’t before, but you know)

still, i’m super stoked for everyone who IS going. 

That’s us!!! I didn’t think I could possibly be more excited about this trip, but then I saw this!

Remember that time The Swellers re-learned / played Montreal Screwjob for the first time ever, just for us?

That was fucking incredible. One of my favorite moments of, well, my life.

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Today is the last day of our two week tour with I Am The Avalanche in Asbury Park, New Jersey. We had no idea how fun this would be and how amazing each night would end up. I don’t think you guys realize how much it means to us seeing you coming out to the shows, singing along and talking to us after we play. Things aren’t the easiest, but you guys make us forget about all of the bullshit. We’re not playing for you to stage dive or circle pit, we’re playing for you to care and hear the things that matter to us and it shows. That’s what our new album is about. Surviving and understanding what life is, was and could be. We’re getting older and for the first time in almost a decade we get to stay at home more and more between tours.

Tonight we play Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I hope we see you there. UK tour next. Pouzza fest in Montreal after that. Then life is an open book.

We honestly don’t know what’s next, but we do know that whenever we get the chance we’ll be driving or flying to your city and playing our hearts out because we love what we do. You guys keep us alive and I hope you realize that.

Big Hearts. Small World.

-The Swellers

Things may be slowing down in The Swellers camp as far as shows go soon, but that doesn’t mean the guys don’t care, and it doesn’t mean they will be stopping.  This band has been through and incredible amount of challenges, and we can’t thank them enough for continuing to do what they do.

Thank you to The Swellers for crossing state lines and oceans for us. Thank you for writing the songs we need and that we lose our voices to. Thank you for all the sweat and tears, and playing your damn hearts out time and time again for us. Thank you for being what we needed and more. You’re our favorite band in the world.

They were wrong about you. We showed them not to doubt you.

See you at the show guys.

- fuckyeahtheswellers crew

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